Edgar's Mission, a not-for-profit sanctuary that provides a safe haven for over 450 rescued farmed animals in Australia.

They've created a vegan healthy and delicious cookbook, excitingly featuring 3 of Gala's Organic Kitchen's favourite recipes.

If we could eat healthy, nutritious and delicious food without harming others, why wouldn't we? More and more people are waking up to a better way of living, one that is kinder to animals and more in sync with the planet, gentler on the mind and better for our health. Here, 50 generous chefs from around Australia share their secret recipes for cruelty-free cooking, from breakfast bowls and pancakes to vegan `comfort food', mains and decadent desserts. Featuring Matcha Mylkbar, Vegie Bar, Smith & Daughters, Transformer, Soul Burger, Elixiba, Pana Chocolate, The Raw Kitchen and many more. All royalties from the sale of Cooking with Kindness go to Edgar's Mission, a not-for-profit sanctuary that provides a safe haven for over 450 rescued farmed animals.

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This e-cookbook is from a women's retreat that I catered for back in 2013 called I Am Woman Global Retreat.  
All recipes plus nutritional information from a weekend in the Aussie bush with lovely photos are ready for you, so you can make yummy healthy recipes at home! Just click on the link below and it will take you to Gala's Selz account where you can safely purchase with your credit card. 

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Enjoy creating healthy and delicious food.

They are more cookbooks in the making, baking, stirring, steaming and splashing! Recipes testers are welcomed to contact me: galasorganickitchen@gmail.com. 

Would you like a free copy of my upcoming cookbook? All you have to do is make one of my recipes and photograph the results, and if the photos make it into the book you get a free copy. How does that sound for a sweet deal? Contact me to find out more.

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