Burgers Sandwiches and Raw Chocolates.

I never make burgers or sandwiches at home, hence I didn't have a photo handy, despite making them hold, taking a good photo of them turned out to be a whole new challenge all together too. Tomatoes slipped, eggplants slid and buns roofs fell off. Admittedly I was quite annoyed and frustrated at this supposedly easy and quick snack to make. Yeah right! They are NOT a quick snack for me to make, maybe with plenty of practice. As with everything else...

However, the combination was delicious and so I'd like to share them with you. Please use another bread that holds nicely. Here are just a couple of photos I would redeem fit for sharing. (kind of)

Black Bean Burgers with Avocado, Sauerkraut, Tomato Harissa, grilled Eggplant, Red marinated Onion, Tomato, Snow Pea Sprouts and Lettuce. Kind of messy and wild, not very grounding.

Black Bean Sandwich on Spelt Sourdough Toast

Black Bean Sandwich: This turned out quite yummy, same same but different as above: Avocado, Tomato Harissa, Black Bean Burger squashed, Red Onion marinated in Balsamico, Lettuce, Snow Pea Sprouts and that's it. Very nice, but I'd buy better buns next time, these were inedible.

Raw Chocolate covered random cake pieces mhhhhh

Raw Chocolates: I have recently signed up to Amy Levins free online chocolate e-course on her website where she teaches how to make the perfect chocolate to cover pralines. I happened to have a couple of pieces of raw cake in the freeze, cut them into small pieces and covered them in that delicious chocolate recipe which was so easy and looked so professional! Specially if you practice a little. I tend to be impatient and want to get it done the first time around, so these are my messy first trials, no bad right? She has other video tutorials too and I highly recommend her clear delivery and you can just tell she loves chocolate, gorgeous.