Wild herbs urban foraging cooking class!

The inspiring and passionate woman educating us in the wild herbs is a naturopath called Sophia (www.sophia-shomani.de) whose life was saved by wild herbs and vegetables that her mother had intuitively used to heal her child when the doctors gave up and told her to say goodbye to her baby. She knows her stuff and could hardly wait to tell us everything! Besides she also has a cosmetic line using hand-picked black forest flower, herbs and spring water to make delectable edible Princess Day cream, Black Forest Rain shampoo, Touch of an Angel body lotion, Stay Popular deodorant, Kiss the Unicorn lip balm coloured with beetroot, Happy Feet foot cream, Charge of Elves anti ageing eye cream, Golden Liquid and Feel the Passion body oil and more. (IMiKo: Iss Mich Kosmetik/ Eat Me Cosmetics). Deliciously divine.

Upon return from our long walk through the hills we were welcomed by Solveig Hansen raw food chef at Rohsamunde and head chef at Kantine where the workshop was held (www.inkochnito.de). Here she serves delicious vegan and vegetarian lunch from Mon-Sat from 12-2:30 using her knowledge from the Living Light Culinary Institute, wild herbs and more! 

We had beautifully presented tastings of green fresh vitamin and mineral rich goodies to demonstrate what one can do with these God gifted wild plants.

Thank you both for inspiring a light filled life.

Here are some photos for my readers to enjoy in between your day ~


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