Europe travels summer 2015

The first photo album is from Austrian. Me and mum had a little holiday before the serious detoxing began and stayed in Millstat, then the photos go on to the Yoga and Detox Retreat that I worked on, mainly as a translator and photographer, with the very talented and knowledgeable Charlotte Wirnsberger ( and Maggie Crosse ( You'll find plenty of vegetables, foods and greenery, as well as random tidbits.

The second photo album glimpses into Germany usually with the focus on food, of course. I helped out at my sisters organic vegetarian/vegan cafe the Biokeller-Bistro, took part in a wild herb foraging workshop with Rohsamunde, gave a vegan sweets making demo at an expo with Mit Herz und Pfanne and more.

You can click on some photos for the links to the individuals!