Summer time, protein breakfasts and random vegan tidbits.

Dear foodies and Gala's Organic Kitchen followers,

I can't believe I am still in Germany, after 6 months I am starting to feel the flow of this country a little. Infused with people making, creating, coming together, there are many delicious healthy foodie moments to share with you. I do this best via Instagram so head over there, even though I find it a rather thin representation of what I show, as I often prefer to live the moment rather than shoot it. Even foodie moments. I personally love looking at other peoples photos of their food and get daily inspirations, I hope my photos inspire you to make something deliciously healthy and tasty for precious yourself.

As some of you know my mum has cancer and so I get to bring my healthy cancer- fighting or immune-supporting recipes into her/ our life. The other week we went to a new oncologist because mum has decided against chemotherapy as the previous oncologist said he will not work with her any further because of her decision and told her he won't support her anymore. The new oncologist was said to be more open-minded and have an understanding of alternative treatments. Well, at the first appointment he said "no I would not advice cancer patients to stop eating sugar, or carbs as that would damage the quality of life" !!! What the?! Doesn't he know that eating only natural sugars is REALLY TASY FUN AND EXCITING? Obviously not and to top it off he suggested eating red meat for over well-being. There was more to that conversation, but I'll leave it at this point. During the course of the last 6 months I have not heard from any doctors any advice on nutrition, only from the naturopaths. I have had it with 'normal doctors' for the time being and am resorting to a diet based on our intuition and feeling what feels right to eat when and behold it naturally does not contains sugar, meat, dairy or white flour. Mum is very good at listening to her body and what it wants to eat, yes often it's basmati rice and chicken wings, but overall she's, totally naturally if I made add, ditched all sweet treats and dairy. She's eating what she feels like with a little inspiration from me and I trust this so much more than a famous oncologist who does not look very healthy himself and advices patients that nutrition is not a major key for cancer management and the only thing that can help is chemotherapy.

Back to recipes, I've had this urge to share with you some protein rich breakfast ideas as people ask me regularly what can vegans possibly eat that has a good amount of protein for breakfast if they can't, or chooses not to eat, eggs, dairy, many grains or meat? 

Here are some ideas:

1) Chia puddings oh the world of chia puddings.

2) Granola made with coconut flakes, almonds, pepitas, chia seeds, hemp seeds, goji berries, coconut oil and spice but I believe our good old oats are actually a good source of carbs even containing some protein.

3) Sprouted grain bread or pancakes made with protein flours.

4) Coconut yogurt, soy yogurt, almond yogurt, cashew yogurt with nuts, seeds and fruit.

5) Almond milk. Almond milk smoothies with protein powders, or oats and banana cinnamon.

6) Breads and muffins using nut meals and coconut flour adding protein powder. Sweet or savoury!

7) Scrambled tofu with protein bread.

8) Porridge with quinoa, amaranth, brown rice or millet. Sweet or savoury endless variations!

9) Baked beans or avocado on protein bread.

10) Crumbles using nuts, seeds and coconut flour.

As far as I'm concerned one can eat bliss balls or raw cakes for breakfast, soups and fritters, nut and seed slices, muffins and cakes if they are made with less sweetener and protein rich flours, for a protein rich vegan breakfast.

Next time you are feeling sorry for yourself about not being able to eat this and that, know that it's only in your head and that the heavenly world of healthy, nutritious, protein rich food awaits you.

Would you like to test one of my recipes from any of these breakfasts? Just email me at and I will be more than happy to send you a recipe to trial at home and hopefully bring a new breeze into your morning breakfast repertoire.