Gala's Organic Kitchen

Healthy and delicious, vegan and gluten-free personal chef and cooking classes.

At the moment based mainly in the UK and Europe, but extending out to the world.

My name is Maria-Carin Gala and I am the head honcho at Gala's Organic Kitchen where all the food created is always vegan and gluten-free, refined sugar free, naturally dairy-free and most importantly delicious and nutritious. So, you’re safe, keep scrolling.

I offer my personal chef service and cooking classes, workshops and cooking demos. My mission is to inspire you to cook for yourself! However, sometimes I'll cook for you too. Contact me to find out how I can provide my services to you, or check out the other pages on this website for some instant real good food inspiration.

I am best reachable via email: I look forward to hearing from you.


In December 2015 I unexpectedly departed Australia for Germany as my mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer, which did in fact result in her death only 10 months later, well as things turn out differently in life I am now still in Europe. So, if you want to collaborate with me over this side of the pond or anywhere else in the world in fact, let me know. I would love that! 

I love food. Cooking or preparing healthy and delicious foods is one of my creative expressions, resulting in something tasty I get to eat at the end. Sharing food feels good to me, as matter of fact it appears that sharing my creations is a big step in the healing process of my food addiction. I grew up in a vegetarian international boarding school in Devon, England (Osho- Ko-Hsuan School) and naturally became a life long vegetarian, venturing towards veganism in the last few years. In a way I started my cooking training when I arrived at this school at the age of 8, because it was also a commune and we had to cook and clean together on a daily basis. I can't say I enjoyed all the cooking and cleaning, but it certainly taught me a lot. We cooked healthy food at the school which wasn't terribly exciting, lots and lots of brown rice and vegetables and most of us kids became sugar addicts to compensate. Ok, maybe the lack of parents contributed to the sugar addiction too. Either way there was a big focus on food and it was a bit obsessive. Thankfully for some reason healthier eating and living interested me and finally took effect when I moved to Australia in 2002. I stopped chain smoking cigarettes, drinking coke and eating bad chocolate. I wanted to get as far away from my past as possible and it worked wonders all the way down under, in Australia. A great place to start afresh. 

In Sydney I was lucky to meet a young woman called Blossom Young who introduced me to a book by Paul Pitchford called Healing with Wholefoods, which became my wholefoods bible. Never having heard about mung beans and agar agar before I had a whole lot of catching up to do and let me tell you it was not easy, specially when you're not one for following recipes and enjoy downing buckets of ice cream or packets of tim tams. Habits are tough buggers to change, but I was determined and picked myself up a million times to start again, cutting out that processed sugar crap. I met Edwina Blush a macrobiotic wholefoods chef in Bondi Beach who inspired the art of exciting and healthy cooking. I will never forget her delightful, beautiful creations that she whipped up at a yoga retreat where I assisted her. Her dishes were too healthy and tasted so damn good. I was hooked. Years later still struggling with bad eating habits I met Charlotte Wirnsberger another macrobiotic chef whom I assisted in many of her cooking classes and found peace in eating her specially meditatively prepared meals. Every time I ate Charlottes food I had the sensation that the bottomless pit in my stomach was being nourished on a whole new level. Again years after that I met Pete Melov a health pioneer in Bondi and a great source of inspiration, information and generous person that loves to share his knowledge and experience on health. Pete introduced me to my first ever raw chocolate as well as salt water purging and MSM. Totally addicted to this new way of eating and living I volunteered in his Cafe and amongst other things learnt about sprouted ancient 'grains' and how one can make bread, pancakes and muffins out of them, that you can sweeten raw chocolate with currants and they still taste divine, that working in a team is a really good thing to do and fasting even better.

I slowly created my own style of cooking and became a personal chef for families, celebrities and singles, getting around on my motorbike all over Sydney. In 2009 I had just gotten into a (nearly) raw foods phase, watched Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days and was getting very passionate about foods for health, when my father died unexpectedly. He was rather fit, slim and full of useful health advice, but still died out of the blue at age 60 and this is where this story really took off. Previously being quite shy about getting out there in the world, having lost a loved one I realised life was waaay too short and I was going to show people how easy AND delicious it is to create healthy foods for oneself that feel good in the body, and may even prevent diseases. I studied Nutritional Science and Food as Medicine and started offering cooking classes. Gala's Kitchen was born and later I added the 'Organic' component to it for the love of the planet. Retreat catering, cooking demos and all sorts of events came my way. Throughout all of this cooking adventure, countless cakes and bliss ball testings, pies and wild herb pestos, raw chocolate dramas and trying for the perfect cornbread, the one thing that kept me focused, grounded, real and excited about life, was and still is, dancing! Mainly the 5Rhythms practice by Gabriel Roth, but all sorts of other dance practices too: (watch this space). I hope my passion and knowledge for healthy and delicious food, including a generous dose of shaking my booty during the creation of my recipes, will be useful to you.

Current comments on the vegan diet that I cook:

Firstly it's delicious and nutritious. However, I don't claim that a vegan diet is the one-and-only diet for everyone, because in my opinion there isn't just one diet for all. Every body is unique. Having said that I believe adding more vegan and gluten-free dishes into ones life is definitely beneficial, especially for your tastebuds, your beautiful unique body and the animals. I believe it is most important to learn to listen to ones own body. This I am yet to master, but we can all start fresh in every moment, with every bite and sip. I still sometimes eat butter, eggs or cheese, but only the best quality and I strive towards dropping those items. I found I tend to go in phases and ones body and needs certainly change over the years. Try having fun manoeuvring your way through your desires and and perhaps we'll get to eat together somewhere along the way. 


"I acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land on which I am living and offering my services. I pay my respects to their Elders, past and present, and the Elders from other communities."